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Quick-Step hardwood in the kitchen


A side-by-side comparison

Synthetic or natural, the benefits of vinyl and hardwood

Vinyl and hardwood flooring are two sides of the same coin. Both floors have very different properties: wood for example can’t be beaten in terms of authenticity. Vinyl floors, on the other hand, are practical, since they’re 100% waterproof. But vinyl and hardwood floors definitely have one thing in common: their stunning good looks. For a deep-dive into the properties of each floor type, check out the comprehensive comparison below.





Synthetic PVC

3-layer engineered wood with protective layer


Natural look

Authentic beauty


Soft and silent thanks to multiple
sound-absorbing layers

With the right underlay                                                               

Underfloor heating

Compatible, conducts heat efficiently

Compatible, conducts heat efficiently


100% waterproof

Not suitable for wet areas                                                 


Very scratch & stain resistant

Scratch & stain resistant


Quick & easy installation

Quick & easy installation


Easy, standard cleaning

Oiled wood flooring needs some extra care

Budget & Warranty

Economically priced, up to 25 years warranty

Higher price tag, lifelong warranty

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Beauty beyond your highest expectations

Real or synthetic: reliable regardless

What’s the difference between vinyl and hardwood flooring? One’s natural, one’s synthetic, but both are high-quality, durable and beautiful flooring options.

Vinyl consists of multi-layered PVC and fibreglass components, resulting in an extremely durable floor which is 100% free of harmful phthalates.

Hardwood flooring, on the other hand, is a completely natural product. Quick-Step wood floors are engineered wood. This means they are made up of a wooden or HDF core with an oak top layer, covered with a protective finish

Effortless beauty and attention to detail

Whether you prefer a timeless classic design or like to make a bold statement with your interior, you’ll be able to find a vinyl or hardwood floor to match your taste.

Vinyl floors offer more design possibilities: different colours, a wide range of textures and the choice between a wood or stone look.

For authenticity that can’t be beat, hardwood floors are the way to go. Available in many different colours, gradings and wood species, you’re bound to find one that suits your style.


Everyday beauty and comfort of vinyl and wood

No scratches, no stains, no stress!

A vinyl floor is more impact and scratch resistant than wood. With Alpha Vinyl you can drop even a heavy object without damaging the floor.

Do you prefer hardwood? No worries: thanks to a specific moisture- and dirt-repelling layer, our wooden floors are more robust than others.

Warm and quiet, for the ultimate comfort

Both flooring types are also compatible with underfloor heating, although vinyl is slightly more efficient. Vinyl floors are excellent thermal conductors.

And they’re quiet too! Vinyl floors dampen unwanted noise from heels, boots, trainers and paws. In general, hardwood floors are slightly less quiet – but with the right underlay, they absorb and minimise noisy footsteps as well.

What about water?

With Wood for Life Quick-Step hardwood floors have an increased moisture-resistance to protect their authenticity, but they are not fully water resistant.

Want a wood appearance in your bathroom or kitchen? Our vinyl collections have exactly what you need: stellar looks and 100% waterproof to boot: water-repellent technology, combined with the patented Uniclic (Multifit) click system prevents water from damaging your vinyl floors.

Quick-step hardwood in living room

In a click or glued down

Whatever installation method you prefer – loose lay or glued down - both vinyl and hardwood floors are extremely easy to install, thanks to our innovative Uniclic (Multifit) click system. In fact, both Quick-Step wood and vinyl floors are so easy to install, you can do it yourself! Of course, if you prefer to get the help of a professional, we’re happy to help you find the nearest certified Quick-Step expert.

Vinyl floors are particularly great for renovations, as they are very thin and can be installed on top of an existing floor. If you use Alpha Vinyl, that existing floor can even be uneven! So, you don’t even have to remove the initial floor – what could be easier?

How to let your wood or vinyl floor shine

Vinyl floors are easy to clean. Just vacuum regularly and mop with a damp cloth and some cleaning product, like the one from the Quick-Step cleaning kit.

Hardwood floors require a bit more maintenance. Particularly oiled wood needs to be treated regularly with maintenance oil – but you’ll do it lovingly to preserve their stunning good looks.

Easy to clean floor

A floor for your budget,
affordable vinyl vs.
authentic wood

As a natural and high-end product, an authentic hardwood floor comes with a higher price tag. Want the beauty of a wood look, but at a more economic price? Then vinyl flooring is the way to go.

Whichever you choose, both Quick-Step vinyl and wood floors come with extremely long warranty periods: up to 25 years for vinyl flooring and lifelong coverage for hardwood.

Quick-step vinyl in home office
Quick-step hardwood in home office

Help me choose between:
vinyl and wood

Still not sure which flooring type is best suited for your project? Check out our FloorExplorer. After you answer 4 easy questions, our tool will guide you towards your ideal flooring type and select your ideal floors within our range.

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