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Quick-Step laminate in the living room


A side-by-side comparison

We’re here to help you compare the benefits of laminate and wood

Trying to figure out whether laminate or hardwood best suits your flooring needs can be difficult, as both are high-quality, attractive options. The bottom line: if you value authenticity above all else, there’s nothing like hardwood. For ease of mind and a budget-friendly alternative, laminate is the way to go.





HDF with printed design layer

3-layer engineered wood with protective layer


True to nature designs & structures

Authentic beauty


With the right underlay

With the right underlay, also more innate sound absorption       

Underfloor heating

Compatible, conducts heat efficiently

Compatible, conducts heat efficiently


Water-resistant ranges can be used in
kitchens and bathrooms

Not suitable for wet areas


Exceptionally scratch & stain resistant

Scratch & stain resistant


Quick & easy installation

Quick & easy installation


Easy, standard cleaning

Oiled wood flooring needs some extra care

Budget & Warranty

Economically priced, up to 25 years warranty

Higher price tag, lifelong warranty

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Built to last: laminate and hardwood

Quality wood, whatever you choose

Looking for a warm, strong and high-quality floor you can rely on? Both laminate and hardwood flooring are solid options.

Laminate and hardwood are both floor types with wood at their core. For laminate, that’s HDF – a plate of high-pressure compressed, fine, recovered wood fibres which is finished with a printed design layer.

Quick-Step hardwood floors on the other hand are made from an oak top layer and engineered wood, covered with a protective finish.

Effortless elegance in every detail

Have you always dreamt of the warmth of a real wood floor? Then a parquet floor will suit you best. They are available in a wide range of colours and wood species - a natural variation that is only possible with wood floors. So you’re bound to find one to complete your interior!

Love the look of parquet, but looking for a more economic option? Don’t worry: Quick-Step laminate is extremely realistic and true-to-nature, thanks to subtle surface and fine grain textures. Just look at our Capture collection, for example: nearly indistinguishable from real wood!

Quick-step durable hardwood floor in detail

Daily ease and warmth of laminate and hardwood

Carefree comfort, whatever you choose

When it comes to warmth and comfort, laminate and hardwood are unparalleled – though both have different strong suits.

Do you like to walk around the house barefoot, but hate having cold feet? Both laminate and hardwood work well with underfloor heating – although laminate is slightly more efficient.

Do you live in an apartment or just don’t like to have a lot of echoing noises reverberating from your floor? Both laminate and hardwood are excellent at sound absorption. For laminate, the right foam underlay is essential. Hardwood benefits from an underlay as well, but is naturally better at muffling sounds.

What about water?

Want to place your floor in a wet area, like a kitchen? Then laminate is the way to go – thanks to its watertight grooves, the water can’t seep through. Despite its stunning looks, hardwood does not pair well with (a lot of) water.

Afraid of scratches? No worries!

Laminate is naturally more impact and scratch resistant than hardwood. Have your heart set on an authentic wood floor? Don’t despair: a specific treatment makes our wooden floors more robust than most. And because there’s a moisture- and dirt-repelling layer, you don't have to worry about the robustness of hardwood either.

Quick-step laminate classic in hall

Your laminate or wood
installed in a click

Both types of floors are extremely easy to install, just click them together! For laminate, a floating installation with an underlay is best. For hardwood flooring, it’s your call: floating or glued down.

The best part? If the substrate is level, both laminate and hardwood can be installed on top of an existing floor, saving you the extra hassle of removing it! Because it’s so easy – just click them together – it’s possible to install laminate and hardwood floors yourself.

If you prefer the peace of mind of entrusting this job to a professional, we’ll be happy to help you find the nearest certified Quick-Step expert.

Clean floor, clean home

Laminate floors are easy to clean: all you need is a vacuum, a mop with a damp cloth and the right cleaning products! A hardwood floor, on the other hand, needs some tender loving care to preserve its beauty.

Lacquered hardwood only requires standard cleaning thanks to the combination of ‘Wood for Life’ technology and the layers of lacquer.

Oiled hardwood needs some extra care: it should also be treated regularly with the manufacturer’s cleaning products and maintenance oil.

Easy to clean laminate floor

Affordable laminate,
authentic wood

Hardwood can’t be beat for authenticity, but comes at a high(er) pricetag. Love the look, but need a more economic option? Then laminate is the way to go!

Whichever you choose, you don’t have to worry. Both Quick-Step laminate and parquet come with extremely long warranty periods: up to 25 years for laminate and lifelong coverage for hardwood.

Quick-step laminate in home office
Quick-step hardwood in home office

What should I choose:
laminate or wood?

Still not sure which flooring type is best suited for your project? Check out our FloorExplorer. After you answer 4 easy questions, our tool will guide you towards your ideal flooring type and select your ideal floors within our range.

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