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Quick-Step tile laminate

Tile effect laminate flooring

The unique dream floor you must consider

What is stone effect tile laminate?

Stone effect tile laminate is a unique flooring type that looks exquisite and creates a special and elegant atmosphere in your room. Natural stone flooring can be quite expensive and time-consuming to install, which is why Quick-Step offers an alternative: tile effect laminate flooring. This magnificent laminate flooring with a striking tile and stone effect is almost indistinguishable from the original.

A robust look with tile laminate

Tile laminate feels comfortable and warm and is easy to transport and install. The tile laminate's stone effect gives it a robust look. We can assure you with certainty that this flooring is a perfect match for any private and commercial space. What is more, our tile effect laminate flooring is stain, water and scratch resistant. This means you can rest assured that your floor will stay just as beautiful for a long time to come.

The advantages of tile laminate

Tile effect laminate flooring has many advantages. Perhaps the main one is the protection it provides. Quick-Step tile effect laminate flooring has a top layer with Scratch Guard Technology. This treatment makes this floor up to ten times more scratch resistant than floors without Scratch Guard. If you want to enjoy your floor for years to come, the wear-resistant top layer of your your tile effect laminate flooring offers long-term protection to keep your floor looking great. Another advantage is, of course, the low price tag. Both buying and installing laminate flooring are very cost-efficient. In addition, there is very little visual difference between quality tile effect laminate flooring and real stone floors.

Quick-Step tile laminate

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Find the right tile effect laminate flooring

Of course, finding the floor that truly suits your home's character takes some effort. Quick-Step has a collection of tile effect laminate flooring in unique designs that offers something for everyone. Your tile effect laminate flooring can also be installed in two different patterns to create a special atmosphere in your home. Design your ultimate tile effect yourself just the way you like it!

Is tile laminate easy to install?

Once you have found the right tile effect laminate flooring for your project, you should buy suitable underlay first. This is a very important preparatory step in the installation of your tile laminate, as it protects your floor from rising damp and smooths the subfloor. Afterwards, you can effortlessly click the tile laminate together either by rolling up your own sleeves or by enlisting the help of a skilled Master Installer. The choice is yours! Either way, you will have the floor of your dreams in no time!

Quick-Step tile laminate