Your personal workspace at home is where you’ll spend a lot of your time. Especially if you’re a telecommuter, a freelancer or an entrepreneur working around the clock in your home office. So, it’s only natural to want to make yourself comfortable, while creating a peaceful and quiet environment that helps you concentrate ‘like a boss’. Yet, you also want a professional look that really says “step into my office”. An eternal dilemma?

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Comfy & professional office floor

Not necessarily! If you choose your home office flooring carefully, you can combine the best of both worlds. A stunning, comfy floor that makes your home office inviting to work in, but that also looks professional and spic-and-span at all times? Not to mention its 100% resistance to the wear and tear of a work environment? Discover these floors that are perfect for the job.

Why you’ll love Quick-Step in your office:

Quick-Step Impressive Ultra laminate flooring

Working in style

That soothing feeling of ‘home sweet home’ at work? It’s perfect for dealing with everyday stress. So why not pick a floor that puts back the ‘home’ in ‘home office’? Warm colours, a natural look: Quick-Step offers a range of laminate, vinyl and hardwood flooring options for you to create a workspace that fits you like a glove. A home office you’ll love to work in!


In many offices around the globe, castor chairs leave nasty marks on the floor, and coffee gets spilt all over the place. Protect your home office from such ordeals: Quick-Step’s laminate, hardwood and vinyl floors come with various protective layers. And thanks to their patented Scratch Guard and Stain Guard technology, stains and scratches are as much a thing of the past as the old-time floppy disks in your home office.

Rock solid

Fast clean-up, no time to lose

Ranging from your top-notch laptop to your practically worn-out calculator, you probably have your favourite home office tools to help you get your work done a lot faster. But so does your Quick-Step floor... Anti-static joints, waterproof coatings and sealed flooring surfaces, for instance, enable you to clean your office faster than ever; you’ll be back to work in no time.

Installation is a breeze

Since you’re already doing so much work from your home office, why not add another task to your chore list: installing your new home office flooring all by yourself. We guarantee that you can get it done quickly and completely according to plan. With Quick-Step’s patented Uniclic and Uniclic Multifit technology, you’ll be laying your floor like the pro you already are in your home office.

Discover all home office floors

Laminate, wood or vinyl: which should you pick?

Inspirational, serene and quiet: don’t these sound like the perfect qualities of a productive workspace? With freelancing, teleworking and working-from-home on the rise, more people are spending ever more time in their home offices. Investing in flooring that reduces noise and stands up to sliding chair legs and rollers is key, but again, so is maintaining a comfortable environment that you’ll want to stay in for 8 (or more) hours a day.

Best choice


  • Great for heavy use: resistant to moisture, dirt and scratches
  • Durable: comes with at least a 25-year warranty
  • Time-saving: easy to clean and maintain
  • Keeps noise levels down when combined with a good underlay (laminate)
  • Comfortable and cosy: softer and warmer than other durable alternatives

Discover all home office floors

Find your favourite office floor:

Dark brown Eligna Laminate Oiled walnut EL1043
Oiled walnut
Laminate - Eligna EL1043
31.49 €/m²
Natural Impressive Ultra Laminate Classic oak natural IMU1848
Classic oak natural
Laminate - Impressive Ultra IMU1848
46.99 €/m²
Light grey Impressive Ultra Laminate Saw cut oak grey IMU1858
Saw cut oak grey
Laminate - Impressive Ultra IMU1858
46.99 €/m²
Dark brown Balance Click Vinyl Cottage oak dark brown BACL40027
Cottage oak dark brown
Vinyl - Balance Click BACL40027
43.49 €/m²
Light grey Majestic Laminate Desert oak brushed grey MJ3552
Desert oak brushed grey
Laminate - Majestic MJ3552
54.99 €/m²
Beige Impressive Laminate Classic oak beige IM1847
Classic oak beige
Laminate - Impressive IM1847
33.99 €/m²
Beige Impressive Ultra Laminate Soft oak light brown IMU3557
Soft oak light brown
Laminate - Impressive Ultra IMU3557
46.99 €/m²
Dark grey Impressive Ultra Laminate Soft oak grey IMU3558
Soft oak grey
Laminate - Impressive Ultra IMU3558
46.99 €/m²
Light grey Impressive Laminate Saw cut oak grey IM1858
Saw cut oak grey
Laminate - Impressive IM1858
33.99 €/m²
Natural Eligna Laminate White oak light EL1491
White oak light
Laminate - Eligna EL1491
31.49 €/m²
Beige Majestic Laminate Valley oak light beige MJ3554
Valley oak light beige
Laminate - Majestic MJ3554
54.99 €/m²
Natural Majestic Laminate Desert oak warm natural MJ3551
Desert oak warm natural
Laminate - Majestic MJ3551
54.99 €/m²
Natural Largo Laminate Cambridge oak natural LPU1662
Cambridge oak natural
Laminate - Largo LPU1662
45.99 €/m²
Natural Eligna Laminate Venice oak natural EL3908
Venice oak natural
Laminate - Eligna EL3908
31.49 €/m²
Natural Impressive Ultra Laminate Soft oak natural IMU1855
Soft oak natural
Laminate - Impressive Ultra IMU1855
46.99 €/m²
Beige Majestic Laminate Desert oak light natural MJ3550
Desert oak light natural
Laminate - Majestic MJ3550
54.99 €/m²