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Quick-Step Alpha Vinyl floors


What makes Alpha Vinyl so unique?

Why choose rigid vinyl flooring?

When you’re living your best life, you want a floor that can withstand anything. Alpha Vinyl is expertly designed and produced by our team in Belgium, so you don’t have to compromise on design or performance. Combining robust practical features with exquisite surface detailing, you’ll have worry-free, high-performing, beautiful floors. What could be better?

Discover our three distinct features that will make you fall in love with Alpha Vinyl, your best choice for flooring.

Unrivalled beauty

Our revolutionary surface technology gives the most natural looking rigid vinyl flooring to date. Taking inspiration from nature, our Belgian floor designers are committed to searching for the perfect original piece of wood or stone to base their designs on. Not only your floors look right on-trend but they’re hard to tell apart from the real thing.

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Wonderfully silent

With better soundproofing than traditional flooring, our rigid vinyl flooring is the ideal flooring for a home full of life. Engineered with multiple layers, Alpha Vinyl provides the quiet and calm you deserve, away from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

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Innovative watertight technology

Spilled water on your rigid vinyl flooring? You don’t need to worry about raised edges or swollen planks. All of Alpha Vinyl’s components are 100% waterproof.

Our Hydroseal technology, in combination with the Uniclic or Unizip system, fully closes the joints. Making the floor surface entirely watertight, and preventing dirte and water seeping through the joints, avoiding damage to your subfloor.

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NEW Alpha Vinyl with underlay attached

Quick-Step offers Alpha Vinyl with underlay attached.

  • You don’t need an additional underlay.
  • Best noise reduction towards neighbouring rooms.
  • Excellent stain, scratch and impact resistance.
  • Your installation is even faster and easier.

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Trendy home office with sustainable vinyl floor

Sustainability at the heart of your home

We all love natural beauty. The only way to continue to enjoy the beautiful things our planet has to offer is to treat it with respect. That’s why our flooring products not only look good, but are as hard-wearing and sustainable as possible. Together, we can reduce our ecological footprint, from the production of your flooring to the end of its life.