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Choose the perfect bathroom flooring

Your bathroom is the place where you unwind and relax — and also where your children splash and giggle in the bath. It’s where you soothe sore muscles in the shower after a heavy workout and check your clothes in the mirror before you walk out the door. It may well be the room where comfort matters most.

Bathroom with Quick-Step laminate flooring

Laminate bathroom floors

  • Natural look & feel
  • Stratch & stain resistant
  • 100% waterproof

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Quick-Step vinyl flooring, the perfect floor for the bathroom

Vinyl bathroom floors

  • Unrivalled beauty
  • Wonderfully silent
  • Innovative waterproof technology

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Bathroom with natural brown parquet flooring

Hardwood bathroom floors

  • Authentic beauty
  • Wood for Life
  • Waterproof wood

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