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Floor designers since 1990

A passion for timeless beauty

Carefree living starts in a home with high-performance floors. That's Quick-Step's motivation since 1990. Today, you can choose between a wide range of long-lasting laminate, vinyl and wood flooring, topped off with matching skirting boards and finishing profiles. Our trademarks: beautiful designs, waterproof floors and easy installation - all thanks to a series of ground-breaking innovations.
The Quick-Step DNA?
Constantly striving for perfection...

A tradition of beauty and sustainability

Our history dates back to 1960. In the western part of Flanders, a couple of families joined forces to open a business in the flax industry and named their project Unilin. Flax, however, became a scarce material in the ‘70s, causing Unilin to shift its focus to wood. First, it was used mainly for decorative applications, but triggered by a Dutch client who turned our panels into floors, we entered the flooring industry ourselves in 1990. 

The idea was simple: we wanted a cheaper and easier-to-maintain alternative for traditional wood flooring that looked just as lovely. Something we achieved with laminate. The new Quick-Step brand soon conquered the hearts of old and young alike. With unique designs, we rejuvenated people’s bedrooms, kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms, etc. All the while staying true to our sustainability commitment to re-use recycled materials and build long-lasting products. 

Adding vinyl, hardwood and accessories to the mix

With the ambition of offering high-quality floors to suit everyone’s taste, the team behind Quick-Step started exploring different flooring materials after the turn of the century. That quest culminated in the launch of our first innovative wood floors in 2009. To better protect the solid-wood top layer, Quick-Step developed the Wood for Life technology. The result: minimum tear and wear, and hassle-free maintenance.  

By then, Quick-Step had already unwrapped a third product line alongside laminate and wood: vinyl flooring. These 100%-synthetic floors that are easy care and combine elegance with optimal performance – in particular our latest Alpha Vinyl generation (2020). And because perfection is in the details, we complete our offering with scratch-resistant skirting boards and multi-purpose finishing profiles.

One step ahead with technical innovations 

To cater to our customer’s needs and wishes, we not only offer a wide range of laminate, vinyl and wood floors, we also ensure they are technically superior. This strategy has put us in a market-leading position and will define our efforts in the years to come. Striving for perfection is striving for continuous improvement.

With innovative installation systems like Uniclic, which allows for any Tom, Dick or Harry to lay their own floors, we started a revolution in the industry back in 1997.

Other milestones include these collections: 

  • Perspective – the first laminate floors with a V-groove between planks.
  • Impressive – laminate floors with outstanding water resistance.
  • Capture – when laminate and real wood become impossible to distinguish.

Quick-Step is a Unilin brand

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