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Wood for Life, authenthic floors for a lifetime

Wood for Life:

authentic beauty for a lifetime

Wood for Life keeps your wood floor look like new

Floors have to withstand a lot. Everyone goes through it: mud, chocolate sauce, wine and other dirt on your beautiful wood flooring. But isn’t there a way of protecting your floor from these intruders? With “Wood for Life” there is. This technology ensures that the beautiful, authentic look of your floor stays with you.

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Innovative protection for your wooden floor

After 50 odd cleans, dirt will start to accumulate in the pores of a traditional wood floor. It’s unavoidable. Unless you opt for wooden floors with “Wood for Life”. This innovative protective layer prevents dirt from getting into the wood and helps to preserve its as-new look for years. Helping your wooden floor gleam for years to come has never been so easy.

With Wood for Life

Quick-Step hardwood with Wood for Life

Without Wood for Life

Quick-step hardwood without Wood for Life

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