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Explore Quick-Step’s comprehensive collection of laminate, luxury vinyl and hardwood floors. Use the filters to find floors based on specific colours, wood species, dimensions or any other characteristic. Not sure where to start? Try our FloorExplorer to find out which floors best match your needs and style.

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Dark brown Massimo Hardwood Dark chocolate oak extra matt oiled MAS3564S
Dark chocolate oak extra matt oiled
Hardwood - Massimo MAS3564S
124.99 €/m²
Light grey Palazzo Hardwood Blue mountain oak oiled PAL3094S
Blue mountain oak oiled
Hardwood - Palazzo PAL3094S
80.49 €/m²
Dark brown Palazzo Hardwood Cinnamon oak extra matt PAL3096S
Cinnamon oak extra matt
Hardwood - Palazzo PAL3096S
80.49 €/m²
Dark brown Imperio Hardwood Caramel oak oiled IMP1625S
Caramel oak oiled
Hardwood - Imperio IMP1625S
97.49 €/m²
Light grey Compact Hardwood Dusk oak oiled COM3899
Dusk oak oiled
Hardwood - Compact COM3899
67.49 €/m²
Light grey Imperio Hardwood Nougat oak oiled IMP1626S
Nougat oak oiled
Hardwood - Imperio IMP1626S
97.49 €/m²
White Variano Hardwood Pacific oak extra matt VAR5114S
Pacific oak extra matt
Hardwood - Variano VAR5114S
70.49 €/m²
White Palazzo Hardwood Frozen oak extra matt PAL3562S
Frozen oak extra matt
Hardwood - Palazzo PAL3562S
80.49 €/m²
Beige Palazzo Hardwood Pure oak extra matt PAL3100S
Pure oak extra matt
Hardwood - Palazzo PAL3100S
88.49 €/m²
Light grey Palazzo Hardwood Concrete oak oiled PAL3795S
Concrete oak oiled
Hardwood - Palazzo PAL3795S
80.49 €/m²
Dark brown Palazzo Hardwood Latte oak oiled PAL3885S
Latte oak oiled
Hardwood - Palazzo PAL3885S
80.49 €/m²
Beige Palazzo Hardwood Oat flake white oak oiled PAL3891S
Oat flake white oak oiled
Hardwood - Palazzo PAL3891S
94.99 €/m²
Dark brown Compact Hardwood Nutmeg oak oiled COM3898
Nutmeg oak oiled
Hardwood - Compact COM3898
67.49 €/m²
Dark grey Variano Hardwood Royal grey oak oiled VAR1631S
Royal grey oak oiled
Hardwood - Variano VAR1631S
70.49 €/m²
Light grey Palazzo Hardwood Frosted oak oiled PAL3092S
Frosted oak oiled
Hardwood - Palazzo PAL3092S
121.99 €/m²
Natural Imperio Hardwood Grain oak extra matt IMP3790S
Grain oak extra matt
Hardwood - Imperio IMP3790S
97.49 €/m²
Beige Variano Hardwood Champagne brut oak oiled VAR1630S
Champagne brut oak oiled
Hardwood - Variano VAR1630S
70.49 €/m²
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