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Buying a laminate floor

Buying a laminate floor: how & where?

Have you decided on a laminate floor for your home? It’s a beautiful and durable floor that’s suitable for most rooms. But where is the best place to buy it: at your local dealer, or online?

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Want to buy a laminate floor, but haven’t decided which one exactly yet? Or, maybe you still have questions that need answering? In that case, we suggest visiting your local Quick-Step dealer before making a purchase. They will help you make the right decision and offer guidance with the necessary accessories, such as underlays and skirtings. A dealer is also a good choice if the installation is more complex, or you don’t feel comfortable placing the floor yourself.


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Quick-Step Laminate floors


Buy from the official Quick-Step webshop

Know exactly what laminate floor you want and feel completely confident in placing it yourself with all the trimmings – underlay, skirting etc.? In that case, the Quick-Step webshop is the easiest, fastest and most convenient route for you. Simply order the laminate floor of your choice from the comfort of your sofa and have it delivered to your door. Still on the fence about whether your pick will suit your home interior? No problem: order a sample first to be absolutely sure.


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Quick-Step Laminate floors

5 things to consider before buying a laminate floor

When deciding whether or not a laminate floor will suit your needs, it’s important to take certain aspects into consideration:

  • Budget: are you looking for that authentic wood look, but don’t have the budget for a real wood floor? Laminate is the perfect alternative for creating a warm and inviting home.
  • Installation method: Quick-Step laminate can be glued down or installed glue free, thanks to the Uniclic system. In fact, installation is so easy, you can do it yourself in most cases!
  • Maintenance: Laminate requires far less maintenance than a real wood floor. Simply vacuuming and mopping regularly will keep it looking pristine.
  • Durability: Quick-Step laminate floors are scratch, stain and – in most cases – water resistant. That makes our laminate flooring not only suitable for the living area, but also for rooms that see a lot of action, like the kitchen.
  • Environment: at Quick-Step, we care about nature. Not only do we use nature as inspiration for our floors, we also strive to minimise our ecological footprint by respecting and valuing our natural resources. That’s why we continually optimise the sourcing of our materials, minimise waste wherever we can, and invest in recycling.

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