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Tools for cleaning and repairing your laminate floor

Quick-Step laminate floors are known for their easy maintenance, offering you a maximum of joy. Simply sweep the floor or clean it with the Quick-Step cleaning products to enjoy the floor for many years to come. Still noticed a few little scratches in your laminate floor? Our repair kit will fix them in no time.

Cleaning & repair products recommended for your laminate floors

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    Floor Cleaner

    • Floor Cleaner
    • QSCLEANECO2000
    • Specially developed for Quick-Step floors, our biodegradable Floor cleaner thoroughly cleanses your flooring and protects the surface, keeping it looking like new. What’s more, it’s a sustainable choice so you’ll be doing your bit for the environment as well as protecting your floors.
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    Spot Cleaner

    • Spot Cleaner
    • Our spot cleaner has been expertly developed for Quick-Step floors. Use our spot cleaner to remove even the most persistent stains such as permanent marker, paint or red wine, as well as kitchen spills, and more.
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    Cleaning Kit

    • Cleaning Kit
    • Easily moisten and mop your floor with this reusable cleaning kit. It contains a mop holder with handy spray function and refillable water tank, a washable microfibre mop, and one litre of Quick-Step cleaning product.
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    Cleaning Mop

    • Cleaning Mop
    • This microfibre mop is compatible with the Cleaning Kit. You can wash it at 60°C.
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    Repair Kit

    • Repair Kit
    • With this kit you can easily repair light damage and recreate the original colour of your floor. By blending the different wax colours together it is possible to perfectly copy the design of the damaged floor. This kit consists of a melting knife, a cleaning comb, seven wax blocks and a sanding pad.

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