Installing Quick-Step vinyl?
There’s always a perfect option.

Found your favourite vinyl floor? Then you’ll no doubt want to start enjoying it as soon as possible. Let an experienced installer take care of the installation for you or roll up your sleeves… — the choice is yours.


Installation by a qualified Master Installer

  • Call upon the services of a qualified Master Installer
  • Your guarantee of a flawless result, down to the very last detail
  • Free lifetime warranty on the installation


Self installation

  • Install the floor yourself with the super-handy Uniclic (Multifit) click system
  • No glue needed, no staining, no mess
  • User-friendly installation instructions and videos available

How to install your vinyl floor?

Quick-Step Livyn luxury vinyl floors don’t just look natural, they are naturally easy to install, too. Depending on your specific situation, you can choose floating installation (without glue or other materials) or glue down your planks.

No matter what you decide, Quick-Step vinyl is compatible with underfloor heating and can be used to finish or renovate any staircase.

1. Floating installation

Opting for a floating installation? Then you’ll need to choose an underlay first. This will have a major impact on the final look, quality and comfort of your Quick-Step vinyl floor. That’s why our experts recommend the dedicated Quick-Step Livyn underlays.

Do you have your underlay covered? Then it’s time to get cracking — or rather: ‘clicking’. The patented 'Uniclic Multifit' for Livyn click system ensures smooth sailing when installing Livyn luxury vinyl. Thanks to the hardy tongue and groove system, you can lay the floor planks with a single ‘click’, and you won’t even need a drop of glue or any other material. Could this be any easier?

Floating installation

Floating installation: fast, easy & solid

Vinyl floor floating installation

STEP 1: click the panel with the long side joint against the installed plank.

Vinyl flooring floating installation

STEP 2: slide the planks towards each other on the short side.

Vinyl flooring floating installation

STEP 3: press firmly down with your thumb until you hear a ‘click’.

Uniclic multifit

Why you'll love the 'Uniclic Multifit' click system

Thanks to the patented Uniclic Multifit for Livyn click system, our vinyl floors can be installed in no time using three different installation methods, including drop-down.

  • QUICK: the installation of vinyl boards has never been faster.

  • EASY: use the method that works best for you and that avoids damaging your floor panels.

  • SEAMLESS: say goodbye to open joints and to dirt that could get stuck in between.

  • SOLID: the improved drop-down technology provides extra strength thanks to the vertical and horizontal locking.

Recommended underlays for a floating installation

Your underlay will have a major impact on the final look, quality, and comfort of your Quick-Step vinyl floor. Quick-Step offers a range of underlays specifically selected for our Livyn vinyl floors. They are easy to install, create a level base for your new floor, and provide excellent acoustic insulation.

Not sure which one to pick? Let us help you

QSVUDLSH10 Vinyl Accessories Sunheat QSVUDLSH10
8.84 €/m²
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An underlay specially developed for rooms subject to excessive heat and high temperature variations (e.g. conservatory). Ideal for roooms with large windows. Not compatible with Rigid Vinyl. Thickness 1,5mm. Roll: 10m²
10 m²
QSVUDLBASIC15 Vinyl Accessories Livyn Basic QSVUDLBASIC15
Livyn Basic
6.49 €/m²
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This underlay helps to prevent small irregularities, provides excellent acoustic insulation (19 dB) and reduces creaking noises when walking across the floor. Use the Vinyl Basic underlay for all common installations. Thickness: 1 mm Roll: 15 m²
15 m²
QSVUDLTRS15 Vinyl Accessories Rigid Vinyl TransitStop QSVUDLTRS15
Rigid Vinyl TransitStop
8.70 €/m²
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The best impact sound insulation underlay. Ideal for an upper floor or appartment. Thickness: 2 mm Roll: 15m²
15 m²

Recommended tools for a floating installation

Choose from a wide range of dedicated Quick-Step installation and finishing tools that will make your life a whole lot easier.

QSTOOL Laminate Accessories Laminate And Parquet Installation Set QSTOOLA
Laminate And Parquet Installation Set
15.66 €/piece
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The Quick-Step installation set contains everything you need to rapidly install your floor without damaging it: a tapping block, adjustable spacers (to make sure you get the expansion joints right) and a metal crowbar.
Contents: tapping block, adjustable spacers, metal crowbar
QSVKNIFEB Vinyl Accessories Livyn Knife QSVKNIFEB
Livyn Knife
62.39 €/piece
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Professional cutter knife with sharp concave blades for precise and steady cutting of vinyl floors. Very handy for cutting curves and shapes. Comes standard with 5 refill blades included.
Including 5 refill blades
QSVTOOL Vinyl Accessories Livyn Installation Tool QSVTOOL
Livyn Installation Tool
33.27 €/piece
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Tailor-made installation tool for Quick-Step Vinyl floors. To use for hard-to-reach places and allows for precise and safe cutting thanks to the extra hand protection. Easy to use both for left and right-handers.
410 x 190 x 16 mm
QSVSTARTKIT Vinyl Accessories Livyn Starters Kit QSVSTARTKIT
Livyn Starters Kit
79.99 €/piece
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Install your vinyl floor in an easy and professional way with the handy Quick-Step Livyn installation tool, knife and Livyn Clean (750 ml).
Contents: Quick-Step knife, Installation tool, Clean for Livyn (750 ml)

2. Glued-down installation

If you like things more down to earth, then our ‘glue down’ method will be right up your alley. And it’s easy too: all you need is our Glue for Quick-Step Livyn floors — specifically developed in conjunction with Soudal.

Glued-down installation

Recommended tools for a glued-down installation

What does it take to install a glue-down floor? Four things: glue, a Quick-Step glue trowel, a knife to cut the planks, and someone willing to make their flooring dream become a reality.

QSVGLUE6 Vinyl Accessories Livyn Glue QSVGLUE6
Livyn Glue
62.35 €/piece
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The Quick-Step Vinyl Glue is a high-quality acrylic adhesive that was specially developed for our Quick-Step Vinyl floors. The adhesive is solvent-free, fibre-reinforced and suitable for bonding on porous subfloors.
6 kg
QSVA2 Vinyl Accessories Glue Trowel For Livyn Glue QSVA2
Glue Trowel For Livyn Glue
6.71 €/piece
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This high-quality glue trowel is indispensable for a professional ‘glue-down’ installation of your Vinyl floor.
180 x 155 x 15 mm

3. Installation videos

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