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white vinyl flooring in a bedroom from Quick-Step

White vinyl flooring

The perfect floor for your room

White vinyl flooring is the perfect foundation for your room. The white colour adds a light ambiance to your room but also enables you to combine it with any other colour or materials. Whatever your preferences are, Quick-Step has everything you need to design a room to your taste.

Quick-Step white vinyl flooring offers you a highly natural look and feel with stone or wood designs

Are you looking for stylish vinyl flooring with a natural touch to it? Look no further, we offer a wide variety white vinyl flooring. Quick-Step white vinyl flooring not only comes in various trendy colours, but is also offered in multiple styles, designs, and formats to offer you the perfect white vinyl flooring for your interiors. We definitely have one that matches your taste. The natural touch to Quick-Step white vinyl flooring creates warm, cosy and elegant vibes which never go out of style.

white vinyl flooring in a living room from Quick-Step

White vinyl flooring is available in stone look design (provided as tiles) which fits perfectly in modern and sleek interiors. Stone look gives the feeling of understated luxury and creates a sense of continuity with the outdoors, which in turn adds to the premium quality of Quick-Step white vinyl flooring.

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white vinyl flooring from Quick-Step in your home office

Natural wood look (available in planks) is another design of our white vinyl flooring inspired by nature and will certainly bring nature indoors. Wood look is natural and warm with true-to-life details, which in turn creates warm and welcoming interiors with a touch of elegance. Quick-Step white vinyl flooring with natural wood look is hence a more versatile option for your home as they fit in a wide range of interior designs and styles.

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white vinyl flooring from Quick-Step in bathroom

White vinyl flooring is completely waterproof and completely hassle-free

Quick-Step premium white vinyl flooring offers your home not only a long-lasting elegance but also perfect moisture resistance for guaranteed durability and functionality. Raised edges, musty odors or swollen floors are never a concern with our white vinyl flooring. This is because Quick-Step white vinyl flooring is 100% waterproof. This not only makes the white vinyl flooring durable but also practical. Cleaning spilled liquids has never been easier and faster with the white vinyl flooring, making it the ideal choice for moisture-prone areas such as kitchens, hallways, and bathrooms.

Installing Quick-Step white vinyl flooring has never been easier

Whether you decide to install the white vinyl flooring yourself or need professional help, we have you covered! Quick-Step vinyl flooring comes with either traditional glue installation or with the enhanced Uniclic and Uniclic Multifit click system, which makes the installation process as simple and fast as it gets. With a bit of DIY experience and a few tools, you can enjoy installing your own white vinyl flooring; just make sure you read the instructions manual carefully before you start.

white vinyl flooring from Quick-Step in a living room

White vinyl flooring with long-lasting elegance and simple maintenance requirements

Keeping your premium white vinyl flooring in pristine condition and cleaning liquids or dirt are hassle-free. With a busy lifestyle, you don’t want to spend much time cleaning your floor. Therefore, our white vinyl floor is a perfect choice as it takes only a few swipes with a wet mop or a vacuum cleaner; your floor will look as if it was just installed. Quick-Step vinyl flooring is waterproof; spilled liquids are quickly dried without leaving stains behind. On top of that, Quick-Step offers you specially designed cleaning products that leave no residual layers. This will not only clean your white vinyl flooring in no time but also will ensure its long-lasting elegance.