Signature, refined and water-resistant laminate flooring by Quick-Step

NEW: Quick-Step Signature

Refined in every detail

Signature laminate floors

One quick glance and you’ll notice: the new Signature laminate flooring collection is marked by refinement.

With their elegant designs, authentic structures and realistic bevels Signature floors stand out as the most refined laminate floors ever made - nearly indistinguishable from real wood.

And practicality wasn’t forgotten either, since Signature also offers excellent protection against water and scratches for maximum peace of mind.

Why you’ll love the Signature laminate collection

Signature by Quick-Step laminate flooring with refined designs

Refined designs

The new Signature collection brings laminate flooring to an unseen level of refinement, characterized by the most elegant designs, subtle finishes and high precision details. And with 18 unique designs to choose from, there’s always a perfect match for your style and taste.

Signature by Quick-Step laminate flooring with authentic structures

Truly authentic structures

To be truly natural, a floor shouldn’t just look great, it should also feel like real wood. That’s exactly what the new Signature collection does: its surface structures are deeper and more realistic than ever before, its bevels are sharper and more natural than you've ever seen. The result? A unique laminate collection that is closer to real wood than ever thought possible.

Signature by Quick-Step laminate flooring with superior water-resistance

Superior water-resistance

No worries! With Signature, refined doesn’t mean fragile. Thanks to the innovative ‘HydroSeal’ coating, bacteria, dirt and even liquids don’t stand a chance. They can simply be wiped off with a damp cloth, leaving a clean, hygienic surface. Because of this, Signature laminate becomes a perfectly suitable option for your kitchen, bathroom and hallway as well.

In addition, Signature offers you...

… a quick and easy click system. Quick-Step Uniclic makes installation a piece of cake, even in tight corners and under radiators.

… exceptional scratch resistance. Thanks to the patented Scratch Guard top layer, Quick-Step laminate floors are up to ten times more resistant to scratches.

… ease of maintenance. Simply clean your floor with a wet cloth or mop and it will remain spick-and-span for many years to come.

… long-term warranty. Give yourself complete peace of mind, and benefit from up to 25 years of warranty on your new Quick-Step floor.

Discover the full 'Signature' collection

The Signature collection contains in 18 unique designs with an unseen level of refinement.

Natural Signature Laminate Brushed oak warm natural SIG4762
Brushed oak warm natural
Laminate - Signature SIG4762
38.99 €/m²
White Signature Laminate White premium oak SIG4757
White premium oak
Laminate - Signature SIG4757
38.99 €/m²
Natural Signature Laminate Brushed oak natural SIG4763
Brushed oak natural
Laminate - Signature SIG4763
38.99 €/m²
White Signature Laminate Painted oak white SIG4753
Painted oak white
Laminate - Signature SIG4753
38.99 €/m²
Beige Signature Laminate Brushed oak beige SIG4764
Brushed oak beige
Laminate - Signature SIG4764
38.99 €/m²
Dark brown Signature Laminate Chic walnut SIG4761
Chic walnut
Laminate - Signature SIG4761
38.99 €/m²
Natural Signature Laminate Cracked oak natural SIG4767
Cracked oak natural
Laminate - Signature SIG4767
38.99 €/m²
Beige Signature Laminate Beige varnished oak SIG4750
Beige varnished oak
Laminate - Signature SIG4750
38.99 €/m²
Dark brown Signature Laminate Waxed oak brown SIG4756
Waxed oak brown
Laminate - Signature SIG4756
38.99 €/m²
Dark grey Signature Laminate Patina oak grey SIG4752
Patina oak grey
Laminate - Signature SIG4752
38.99 €/m²
Dark grey Signature Laminate Brushed oak grey SIG4765
Brushed oak grey
Laminate - Signature SIG4765
38.99 €/m²
Dark brown Signature Laminate Brushed oak brown SIG4766
Brushed oak brown
Laminate - Signature SIG4766
38.99 €/m²
White Signature Laminate Soft patina oak SIG4748
Soft patina oak
Laminate - Signature SIG4748
38.99 €/m²
Black Signature Laminate Painted oak black SIG4755
Painted oak black
Laminate - Signature SIG4755
38.99 €/m²
Natural Signature Laminate Natural varnished oak SIG4749
Natural varnished oak
Laminate - Signature SIG4749
38.99 €/m²
Red Signature Laminate Merbau SIG4760
Laminate - Signature SIG4760
38.99 €/m²
Dark brown Signature Laminate Patina oak brown SIG4751
Patina oak brown
Laminate - Signature SIG4751
38.99 €/m²
Pink Signature Laminate Painted oak rose SIG4754
Painted oak rose
Laminate - Signature SIG4754
38.99 €/m²