Vinyl floor underlays

Underneath every great Alpha Vinyl or Vinyl Flex floor, there is a carefully selected vinyl underlay. Our range of high-quality underlays are specifically designed to increase the quality, comfort and final look of your floor. Obviously, they also help reduce footstep noise for a better acoustic comfort.

Underlays recommended for you

QSVUDLCOMFORT15 Vinyl Accessories Comfort Underlay QSVUDLCOMFORT15
Comfort Underlay
8.99 €/m²
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15 m²
This all-round underlay helps you to level the existing subfloor. The Comfort underlay is suitable for any room and absorbs the sound in combination with one of our vinyl floors.
QSVUDLHEAT10​ Vinyl Accessories Heat Underlay QSVUDLHEAT10
Heat Underlay
10.99 €/m²
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10 m²
This underlay is suitable for rooms with direct sunlight, such as large panoramic windows reaching to the fl oor. Do you plan to install floor heating or cooling? Then our Heat underlay is an excellent choice. On top of that, it offers optimal noise reduction in the room in combination with one of our vinyl floors.
QSVUDLTRANSIT15 Vinyl Accessories Transit Underlay QSVUDLTRANSIT15
Transit Underlay
11.49 €/m²
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15 m²
The Transit underlay offers excellent noise reduction to neighboring rooms. Therefore, the Transit underlay is ideal for first floors and apartment floors.

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