Sustainable flooring by Quick-Step

Sustainable flooring, because we care...

Apart from making our floors as beautiful and enduring as possible, we also strive to make them as sustainable as possible, and to minimise our ecological impact in every way we can. Just like you, we are convinced that a world of beauty is a world where we respect and treasure our natural resources.

This means we’re not just mindful of how we source our raw materials, but also how we provide energy for our production processes, handle our logistics, avoid packaging waste,...

At UNILIN, we constantly strive to create beautiful and convenient floors... in the most sustainable way.

Renewable laminate

Did you know our laminate floors are entirely made from residues of the forestry and wood industry? By using leftover wood to create a new product we prevent carbon from being released in the atmosphere as carbon dioxide.

All our laminate floors are also Ecolabel stamped. This means they adhere to the most stringent EU rules for indoor air quality, raw materials quality and sourcing, and workers health & safety.

Soft and warm vinyl flooring

Conscious vinyl

Quick-Step vinyl floors aren’t just a pleasure to walk on – they also have a soft spot for nature. Therefore, all internal waste is re-used and during production we use energy from renewable sources as much as possible.

Furthermore, because every floor is completely ortho-phthalate free, you can breathe easily in the comfort that you’ve made an excellent choice.

Hardwood flooring crafted with care

Sustainable wood

We aim to create the authentic feeling of pure wood floors while maintaining extremely high standards for sourcing and logging. By making our floors as wear resistant as possible, we also aim to maximize their lifespan.

Wood is precious. That’s why we strive to get the most out of every single tree. We offer various patterned floors made from smaller pieces of wood that are put together like a puzzle. In doing so, we make sure that every part of a tree is used and nothing goes to waste.

Beautiful floors, solid credentials

To provide you with maximum value, Quick-Step floors adhere to the most stringent quality and sustainability labels.

EU Ecolabel

EU Ecolabel

A label of environmental excellence awarded to products and services that meet high environmental standards throughout their lifecycle: from raw material extraction to production, distribution, use in your home and disposal when end of life.



An internationally recognised label that ensures that the wood we use in our flooring comes from sustainable managed forests.



The lowest possible emission class, indicating that our floors don’t emit any toxic substances and thus require no extra ventilation. It also means our products are odour-free.


Best accreditation for indoor air quality for laminate and vinyl flooring.



High accreditation for indoor air quality for wood flooring.



Globally applied building classification programme for low-emission products.