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What is Quick-Step vinyl flooring?

Today’s luxury vinyl floors have plenty of practical advantages, including water resistance, quiet footstep noise, and a nice, warm feel. And their thinness make them an excellent choice for renovations.

Alpha Vinyl

  1. High-performance top layer: this protective layer with Scratch and Stain Guard technology protects your floors from dirt, stains and scratches, and makes them easy to clean and maintain. The extra-matte finish guarantees a natural look.
  2. Fine-printed vinyl decor layer: the high-grade printing technique used for this layer gives your vinyl floor its unique and authentic appearance.
  3. Flexible vinyl layer: this waterproof and sound-reducing flexible vinyl core provides comfort and durability.
  4. Rigid composite core: This layer consists of two fibreglass-reinforced layers that prevent the floor from cupping and make levelling the subfloor unnecessary.

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