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What is PVC flooring and when is it useful?

Maybe you’ve already heard someone talk about their new PVC floor. Actually, it’s just a synonym for 'vinyl flooring' and 'LVT' (luxury vinyl tiles) – which means it combines the beauty of natural products like wood and stone with maximum innovation, durability and practicality. PVC flooring is available in many styles and colours, and in flexible and rigid variants. In short, there’s a PVC floor for every taste and project.

What is pvc flooring?

The benefits of PVC flooring

With hundreds of styles, colours and flavours available, there’s a vinyl floor for every taste and every kind of project. Some of the most prominent benefits of Quick-Step PVC are its:

  • moisture resistance, which makes it the perfect choice for bathrooms and kitchens
  • scratch and stain resistance, ensuring high durability and worry-free maintenance
  • softness and warmth, making it a pleasure to walk on
  • extraordinary acoustic properties compared to ceramic floors, for example
  • exceptional cleanability
  • remarkable thinness, making it the floor of choice for renovations
  • ease of installation.
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