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Can I install Quick-Step vinyl on top of an existing floor?

The type of subfloor, its quality and its preparation have a big influence on the final installation result. If the subfloor is not appropriate for the installation of Quick-Step Vinyl then necessary actions should be taken. 

Floating installation

For floating floors, the subfloor should be stable and firmly fixed. Furthermore it cannot be soft, damaged or loose laid.

  • The following floor coverings have to be removed: Carpet, needle felt, cushion vinyl, floating laminate and parquet, etc.
  • Does not have to be removed: ceramic tiles, PVC, VCT, glued laminate and parquet, fixed wood boards, etc.
  • Does not have to be removed, but use of PE foil is mandatory to avoid migration: glued PVC, glued linoleum and glued oiled parquet

In case of installation on a wooden subfloor, please remove any existing floor covering first. No signs of mould and/or insect infestations should be present. Make sure the subfloor is level and nail down any loose parts. Apply an appropriate wooden levelling board level floor or levelling compound on top for a perfect subfloor preparation. The levelling boards must be fixed every 30 cm with screws.
The crawl space under the plank floor must be sufficiently ventilated. Remove any obstacles and make sure there is sufficient ventilation (minimum 4 cm² total ventilation openings per m² of floor). The moisture content of the wood must not exceed 10%.

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