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How long should I wait before I can install Quick-Step Parquet on a fresh concrete floor or screed?

Concrete floors or screeds need sufficient time to dry before you can start installing your Quick-Step hard wood floor on top. In case of a glued down installation it is crucial that the moisture content of the screed is within the specified limits. Control measurements using the CM method are strongly recommended. Make sure to take screed over the whole thickness.

For floating installations, the rule of thumb is to wait one and a half weeks per cm of concrete (thickness) up to 6 cm. Wait 4 weeks for every additional cm (thickness) beyond 6 cm.

Concrete floor thickness Advised drying time
<6 cm 1,5 weeks per cm
6 cm 9 weeks
> 7 cm 9 weeks (for the first 6 cm)
+4 weeks per additional cm

For example: for a 7 cm thick concrete floor, you should count on at least (6 x 1.5 week) + (1 x 4 weeks) = 13 weeks of drying time.

Tip: always make sure that the building is sufficiently ventilated.

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