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Can chairs with wheels be used on a Quick-Step hardwood floor?

Yes. However, specific chairs need specific attention. It’s necessary to take a few protective measures.
Multiple chairs exist, for multiple purposes. Hereby we give the 3 most used types:

Normal office chair

Castor chair used to sit at your desk. This chair moves mostly on a limited area in front of your desk. This chair can be used on all our floor types, taking into account the 2 important measures below.

Use soft castors

Most of today’s chairs can be ordered with soft or hard castors. Soft castors typically have an outside layer of different material and colour (usually light grey). For existing chairs with hard castors, contact your supplier to order soft wheels (Type W) to replace the hard ones.

Soft castors will considerably extend the lifetime of your hardwood flooring. An additional benefit is also that soft castors on a hard floorcoverings such as hardwood will also considerably increase the sitting comfort.

Protect your floor with a mat

Additionally, you can put a transparent protective mat under your office chairs. Choose a mat for hard floor coverings without profiling on the back. Make sure that the area is big enough. In case of intensive castor chair traffic the combination of soft castors and a protective mat is strongly advised.

Wheel chair

A wheel chair is a mean of transport for a person who is unable to walk, equipped with big, mostly inflated, wheels. This type of chair can be used on all our floors. Since this chair is also used outside, it’s important to verify that no small stones are stuck within the grooves of the wheels. These can create scratches and dents in your Quick-Step floor. When using a wheel chair, it’s necessary to select the right floor:

In case of an electrical wheel chair, please contact our Technical Department for detailed guidance.

Triple chair

A mobility aid that helps people move around while remaining seated. The chair is equipped with small wheels. Due to the fact that a large part of the floor is exposed and a lot of friction and weight is applied all around the floor via the small wheels, this chair can only be used on specific floors. It’s also important to use “Soft Castors”, as described in the topic "Normal office chair". The triple chair can only be used with:

Special chair types

In case special types of chairs will be used, or you expect a total rolling load of > 25 kg/wheel (calculated as: (“mass of chair” + “mass of user”)/”amount of wheels”), special care should be taken. Please contact our Technical Department for detailed guidance.

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