How to install skirtings with your wood flooring?

To install skirting boards, you’ll need a bevel tool, a folding rule, a glue gun or a nail gun, a crosscut saw or handsaw with mitre box, a set square and a hammer.

If you’d like to finish your new wood flooring with skirting boards, simply follow the following guidelines.

  1. Before you can install your skirtings, make sure to remove all spacers.
  2. Measure the room and its angles by using a folding rule and a bevel tool. Don’t rush - while walls with a standard 90-degree angle need a saw cut of 45 degrees, slightly crooked walls do happen, especially in old houses.
  3. Next, saw the skirting board according to the angle you measured.
  4. Pro-tip: use a fresh saw blade on your crosscut saw to ensure a clean cut.
  5. Apply glue to the back of the boards and press them against the wall. Remember that the glue dries fast, so try to work quickly without cutting corners. If you get glue on your hands, you can easily remove it with acetone.
  6. If you have measured everything correctly, the skirting boards will fit the room perfectly and will create a neat finish to your work.

Make sure to put a protective sheeting underneath the area you are working on to avoid getting glue on your newly laid floor.

You can also nail the skirting to the wall using a hammer or even better, a nail gun.

If you want your skirting to end in the middle of the room. Create a nice and clean end cap by sawing an angle into the skirting.

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