Preview a Quick-Step floor in your own interior

Deciding which floor best suits your interior and personality isn’t an exact science. In an ideal world, you would try out several different floors in your own home before making a decision. Well, luckily, there’s a tool that lets you do just that. With 'RoomViewer', you can virtually try out any type of flooring, ensuring that your final decision is the right one.


Two ways towards endless possibilities

The RoomViewer gives you two possibilities:

  1. Use one of our existing rooms to try out a number of different combinations of floorings, wall colours, grooves and plank directions;

  2. Upload a picture of your own living room, kitchen, bedroom, etc. and see how it would look with your favourite Quick-Step flooring.
Preview floors in your own interior!

How it works

  1. Take a picture of your room. 
  2. Upload it to the MyRoomViewer tool. 
  3. Cut out the floor in the picture. 
  4. Replace it with any Quick-Step floor. 
  5. Get every detail right by adjusting floor type, colour, plank direction and grooves.