A peek inside: laminate with a rough wood look in an industrial loft apartment

The interior architect Nicky Vanden Bossche recently rolled up her sleeves and got to work on an apartment shell in an old warehouse. Her aim was to give the new home an industrial character to suit the soul of the main building. She chose a Quick-Step wood-look laminate floor to give the space an extra feeling of warmth and cosiness.

“It is a compact living space, but the open design still makes it feel quite roomy and there are plenty of areas to enjoy some privacy”, explains Nicky Vanden Bossche. The flat will also serve as a showroom and calling card for her professional activities. “It was a balancing act between showing off what is possible on the one hand and creating somewhere nice to live and to fit the budget on the other.”

Access to light

The interior architect wanted to open up the space available as much as possible and give access to daylight in every room. For this reason it was essential to be able to look from one space into the next. The apartment’s open nature means that daylight can penetrate deep into the flat.

Industrial style

“The stone walls already existing on the outside were retained”, says Nicky Vanden Bossche. “I really wanted to maintain the industrial character and use this in the interior. This means that the lovely concrete ceiling is also reflected in the grey ceramic tiles in the bathroom and the storage area. In combination with the white walls the grey forms a plain canvas, to which we add colour using furnishings, decoration and textiles.”

Laminate with a wood look

“For everywhere but the bathroom and utility room I opted for a Quick-Step laminate floor that runs through the various areas. My favourite laminate was one with a rough wood-look, which is in beautiful contrast to the industrial style and brings a feeling of warmth and cosiness. I am delighted with the things that I have done myself. It won’t all be totally perfect but I’m prepared to ignore the imperfections. When you do the job yourself you can achieve great things with a limited budget, provided you think things through properly”, concludes Nicky.

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