Inspiring trends for 2014: Back to the roots

Trendy doesn’t always mean new. Fairs and exhibitions everywhere put fashionable nostalgia on display. Quick-Step gives you some tricks and tips on how to turn the old into something new and timeless for your interior.

Reclaimed wood

Reusing wood from old floors, furniture or fallen trees is unique and eco-friendly. No wonder reclaimed wood floorings remain extremely popular. Longing to add authentic charm to your interior? Quick-Step’s Variano collection includes a range of hardwood oak floors with the look of reconditioned salvaged timber.

A touch of red

Breaking with recent colour trends, designers are now using a lot of warm tones – like brown and dark grey –, vintage pastels and the occasional retro fluo touch. Even red wood pops up in many interiors these days. Browse through Quick-Step’s Hardwood, Laminate and Vinyl collections and discover exotic red wood species like jatoba, merbau, wengé and cherry.

Time-worn finishes

From classic, to rustic or even reclaimed, flooring finishes can add a sense of timelessness to your home. Brushed surfaces with random cracks or saw cuts can emphasize the natural character of wooden planks. Or how about ceramic tiles combined with a reclaimed wood design? Take a look at Quick-Step’s Exquisa laminate floors to discover this classic look.

Afraid to come off as old-fashioned? Don’t be. Just remember: what’s pure nostalgia for some may appear trendy and hip to others.