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The lead times of some ranges might temporarily be longer than usual. Thanks for your understanding!

Explore Quick-Step’s comprehensive collection of laminate, luxury vinyl and hardwood floors. Use the filters to find floors based on specific colours, wood species, dimensions or any other characteristic. Not sure where to start? Try our FloorExplorer to find out which floors best match your needs and style.

floors found
Dark grey Impressive Ultra Laminate Soft oak grey IMU3558
Soft oak grey
Laminate - Impressive Ultra IMU3558
  • Fit for intensive domestic use
44.49 €/m²
Dark grey Eligna Laminate Newcastle oak grey EL3580
Newcastle oak grey
Laminate - Eligna EL3580
24.99 €/m²
Dark grey Impressive Laminate Soft oak grey IM3558
Soft oak grey
Laminate - Impressive IM3558
  • Fit for all-round domestic use
31.99 €/m²
Dark grey Majestic Laminate Woodland Oak Brown MJ3548
Woodland Oak Brown
Laminate - Majestic MJ3548
51.99 €/m²
Dark grey Largo Laminate Grey vintage oak LPU3986
Grey vintage oak
Laminate - Largo LPU3986
43.49 €/m²
Dark grey Classic Laminate Old oak grey CLM1382
Old oak grey
Laminate - Classic CLM1382
25.49 €/m²
Dark grey Signature Laminate Patina oak grey SIG4752
Patina oak grey
Laminate - Signature SIG4752
38.99 €/m²
Dark grey Signature Laminate Brushed oak grey SIG4765
Brushed oak grey
Laminate - Signature SIG4765
38.99 €/m²